We help organisations automate inspections, diagnosis and
audits within their operations with machine learning.

Our enterprise clients are reducing costs and improving the consistency in their processes through our HighLighter product.

Case Study

AI assisting doctors with treatment

The Macuject team needed a machine learning model to underpin their custom software that helps clinicians analyse the OCT scans and take the appropriate action.
Case Study

AI for asset inspection and network mapping

Powercor saw an opportunity to supplement the manual inspection process with AI-powered inspections using photos captured by aircraft.
Case Study

AI catching wildlife poachers

WPS partnered with Silverpond to implement a solution to automate the detection of illegal poaching in wildlife conservation parks across three continents.

HighLighter provides the infrastructure for your machine learning projects, freeing up your team to focus on what matters.


HighLighter 12 Month Update

HighLighter HighLights: New features and more from the last 12 months

Hello Sydney!

We are excited to announce that Silverpond has established a Sydney office. Contact us to arrange a meeting with our Sydney team.

Copy/Paste for Data

During Arushi's internship she evaluated the use of copy/paste for generating synthetic data sets. Watch her talk at the September Melbourne MLAI meetup to learn more
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What Is Deep Learning

Your Data, Powered by AI

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