Giving you the freedom to focus on Machine Learning
and AI rather than the supporting software.

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Quality Assurance

Monitor your data, correct annotations and evaluate to prepare your model with the best training set possible. 

Team collaboration

Team work made easy with communication throughout, quality assurance and analytics. 

Easy to use

Machine learning is not just about engineers. HighLighter is designed for all stakeholders to use and understand. 


Trust is important. Track changes, fix annotation errors, document testing and iterations on one platform. 

AI Labelling

Increase labelling efficiency with
pre-trained models and custom plugins.

Scale your projects

From small scale projects to enterprise production, HighLighter can support your project as it grows.


“I think HighLighter is already the best system out there.
It provides the best false positive / false negative rate
of what we’ve tried.  False positives are a nuisance
but false negatives can be fatal.”

Frank Ivan
Wildlife Protection Solutions

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HighLighter in the real world

Read about the organisations that are implementing HighLighter into their processes to automate inspections. 

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