Data Science to utilise the full
potential of smart meters


1.2 Million
smart meters

Fault detection platform created


All in one analytics platform developed




AI Technique

Time series data from Smart Meters

Applying practical use for the data provided by 1.2 million smart meters in use.

To make sense of this data flood, Silverpond created an intelligent, scalable fault detection platform that advises safety engineers of priority sites for inspection and identifies the power loads on the different phases.

-All in one analytics platform developed, combining data science, cloud
 computing and web application to easily access and understand
-Ability to respond to issues in the field before they become safety
-Through phase identification, the power distributors have opened the
 gates to demand based network planning.

Read more about our work with CitiPower & Powercor here 

Silverpond helped transform this simple idea using
data science into intelligent, scalable and actionable
fault detection on our first analytics platform.”

Luke Skinner
Head of Network Technology, CitiPower & Powercor

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