In January 2018 we published the Victorian MLAI Ecosystem survey with the Victorian DEDJTR. This survey was used in a proposal to the State Government for a $50 million AI Hub. The bid was unsuccessful, however, it will be raised again, and we want to make some noise about not only the Victorian Ecosystem but the rest of Australia. 

By producing a resource that reflects the talent and capabilities in our region we are confident we can provide High Level decision makers with accurate data. We also want to find out what is required to grow and foster our local capabilities. 

The survey will be open from 18th February until the 25th March.

Want to Share the Survey?

There are a million stories in AI, where the outcome could have been improved by a data set that was reflective of the target user group… this is exactly the same. We need as many people as possible within the Australian AI ecosystem to the survey. Please share amoungstyour network.


The results of the survey will be collated and published towards the end of April 2019. The results will be publically available and have created a mailing list for the sole purpose of distributing these results. We will also be posting in as many places as we have promoted the survey. 

What do we mean by AI?

Artificial Intelligence covers all manner of computing that whereby a computer is able to convey human-like intelligence. We are interested if you are in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Chatbots, voice assistants or any related technology. 

Who should be doing this survey?

Anyone at all involved in the Australian AI Ecosystem. You can be a researcher, engineer, student, support staff or hobbyist, we want to hear from you.

Want to present the data to your own local or state govenement?

We would love to help! Please get in touch with

2018 MLAI Ecosystem Survey

Silverpond did a survey of the Victorian MLAI Ecossytem at the end of 2018. If you wish to peruse the reults or see have Silverpond had to say about it, please select the buttons below.

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