Want to become a Silverponder?

We are a team of technologists and consultants who specialise in solving challenging problems from the forefront of IT. Our expertise covers data science, software engineering, machine learning and design.

We’re always on the lookout for like-minded technophiles and have several roles available. To apply, please email us.

Silverpond prides itself on the ethical applications of AI and working towards being an inclusive workplace. We encourage job applications from Aboriginal people, LGBTI+ folk and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

In general we look for…

Although the details of a position at Silverpond will depend on the kind of work being undertaken, we value several traits highly and they can be considered applicable across all roles.


At Silverpond we’re interested in a wide range of domains and appreciate colleagues with similarly diverse interests. A diverse set of interests and skills gives perspective, prevents echo-chamber effects and allows us to think outside the box. That being said, we also value having deep expertise in at least one area. This shows that an individual is capable of digging into the details, theory and perculiarities of a subject when required.

Problem Solver

The ability to focus on finding a solution to the problem at hand is very useful to us. Although we love thinking about the theory behind what we’re currently working on, we are pragmatists at heart. Especially when working with clients we find it valuable to design effective solutions quickly, and improve upon them to design elegant final products.

Communications / Collaboration

One of the bedrocks of our organisation is clear communication. Everything from the meetings and events that we hold, to the software that we write is intended to communicate in some fashion. As consultants, we are both facilitators and problem solvers. Effective communication is not only part of our day-to-day, it’s what sets us apart.


The ability to take initiative and start initiatives is a big part of what it means to be a Silverponder. This refers to our role in both the workplaces as well as the communities that we participate in. We appreciate strong opinions backed by deep understanding on which solutions are best, as well as a passionate drive to see them through.


While we run several internal groups, public meetups, workshops and have the opportunity to pick up a great deal of knowledge on the projects on which we work, a powerful thirst for knowledge and learning is a trait shared by Silverponders that has helped us all become proficient in our work and interests. If you share this with us then Silverpond is very flexible in helping you not only build your knowledge, but also apply it and turn your interests into your work.


We would like to see a more balanced tech community, and strongly encourage people of all identities and backgrounds to apply.

Are you interested?​

If you’re interested in working for Silverpond, then email hello@silverpond.com.au.