Ethics Litmus Test

We are quite excited about the Ethics litmus test for a number of reasons. 

  1. We are passionate about AI systems being developed in an ethical manner
  2. We are big fans (and friends) of Laura who utilises our co-working space The Pond 
  3. With all the talk about developing ethical AI systems, we are excited to see a tangible tool ready for people to use.
Below is a guest post by Laura with some information on the “Ethics Litmus Test” 
“Ethics Litmus Test’ is A card deck inspired by The Good Place, Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno, and a potent cocktail of feelings about the State of Tech™️. I wanted to create an accessible, beautiful, easy-to-use tool which helps us move from an uncomfortable feeling to action. The deck provides meditations, provocations and reflections for practicing our moral intuition. 
The accompanying activities are launched from the assumption that our character is voluntary, and we can improve it by practicing to be good. I believe that ethical behaviour and decision-making are the outcome of practice as opposed to an innate characteristic. I think it’s a capability we can encourage and nurture in ourselves and in our teams, like any other. 

Much like learning to code, it might feel uncomfortable or foreign at first, but may also become second-nature more quickly than we might think.
You can pre-order the physical deck (before Feb 29th) or download the PDF version for free from the website: 

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