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New Horizons for Lyndon

It’s no longer a secret – I’m departing from Silverpond.

I had a going-away celebration with the Silverpond and Pond community on Friday and gave an impromptu speech – however, it was more emotional than it was carefully constructed so perhaps the written word is a better format for such a message.

I’ve been with Silverpond for the past 7 years – Moving to Melbourne and joining on the recommendation of a friend from university days. Over that period the company has evolved significantly and now sits at the nexus of the ML community in Melbourne. I’ve also changed a lot. I’ve gone from being a primarily-technical programmer to building a very strong consulting skillset with a big emphasis on the soft-skills involved in those environments. I truly couldn’t imagine having grown in the way I did without joining Silverpond and will always be thankful for the opportunity I was given.

With that said, I’ve always felt a strong connection to programming-language theory and specifically Haskell. This has been a passion I’ve continued during my time in Melbourne, including starting the local user group with some friends and helping bring Compose Conference here. While it has been a passion, it has mostly taken a pragmatic backseat in my career due to the constraints of the projects I’ve found myself working on.

Now a new opportunity has surfaced and rather than regret not giving it a try, I’ve decided to take the leap and will be joining Hasura to work on their amazing product for seamlessly integrating GraphQL – written with significant amounts of Haskell code!

I wish everyone at Silverpond the best and all the success in the world as they take the company forward from where we brought it together.

I’ll be remaining in Melbourne for the immediate future, so I’m sure I’ll stay in touch with you all. Say hi if you see me!

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