Silverpond and National Science Week

Phew, August was a big month and National Science Week sure kept us busy. There were over 400 events in Victoria, and plenty more around Australia. It is wonderful to think of people all around the country coming together to celebrate the exciting work of the national science ecosystem. 

We had a blast at Extrasensory. The location was superb, and we loved the idea of bringing Science to Parliament House… as well as enjoying the ornateness of the venue. The lay out of the event encouraged you to explore and follow your nose to the next installation. 

Talks were held in the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, with Susie delivering a talk in each on AI and the senses.  

Some of our favourites from the night included a workshop on the “Science of Champagne”, soap made from sewer grease and creating our own constellations. 

We were especially excited to be involved in the AICN AI Ethics event, which was physically hosted in Adelaide, then live streamed to various meetups in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Perth and Brisbane as well as around the country. If you missed out, you can watch it all below

The WiMLDS Melbourne Meetup hosted an introductory evening for Machine Learning and Data Science. This included a panel of students and professionals sharing their journey and what they love about the industry. 

We have been keen to get out of the city and show our work in a regional area for a while now and jumped at the opportunity to join the Humans 2.0 event at the Bendigo Tech School.

Think Social joined the evening through a Virtual Reality avatar and we were wowed by the work of Chris McCarthy and Ali Mohammadi with their research into Bionic Eyes and Arms. We also debuted our latest Pose Dance Demo.


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