Robocars: Come and kick the tyres!

Come and kick the tyres at a scale model, self-driving car track day

This Sunday, spectators and newcomers are very welcome to join in the fun as we aim to train and (slowly) race remote control cars that have been augmented with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

As we begin to share our road systems with full size, self driving cars over
the next few years, this is a hands-on opportunity to learn about the
basic technology in a friendly, low-barrier to entry environment.

We’ll have a number of pre-built cars ready-to-go and you’ll be able to
join a team and help out with setting up, training, testing and supporting
the car navigate the race track. Then there will be a number of different
types of races, such as time trial, head-to-head and human versus A.I.

There will also be a series of short presentations that introduce the
topic of DIY RoboCars, building the hardware (pretty easy), the process
of training the Neural Network (CNN) for self-driving and some more
advanced Machine Learning topics (GANs). Machine Learning experts
(very approachable and they don’t byte) will be on-hand to engage in
discussion and answer any and all questions you may have.

If you are interesting in building your own DIY RoboCar, there will be
follow on workshops in April that include all the required hardware to
get you up-and-running quickly. More details will be presented during
the track day.

Our aim is to build a local community of people interested in the
intersection of Artificial Intelligence and robotics by engaging both the
Machine Learning / A.I groups and the various HackerSpaces / MakerSpaces around Melbourne and regional Victoria. The approach is to start with  building DIY RoboCars and racing them at regular track days. Over time more sophisticated Machine Learning techniques and more capable robots can be designed and constructed.



When: Sunday, 31st March 2019, 11am – 3 pm

Location: Zendesk basement, 67 Queens Street, Melbourne

Registration: EventBrite 
Cost: $0.00

Autonomous Vehicles Meet-up group

Hope to see you there !

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