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Highlighter January 2019 Changes

Welcome to 2019 from the Highlighter product team!

We’re really excited to enter this year with some big plans for Highlighter. You’ll have to wait to see what big features are coming out soon, but in the mean-time we’re releasing a set of smaller features and fixes to start the year off!

  • Labelling: Labelling Bug Report Form
    While within their project, labellers can report a big!
  • Labelling: Add and remove nodes from polygons
    Simply hold down the alt-key and add your node
  • Labelling: Line Tool
    You can now annotate your data with a line in addition to polygons and rectangles
  • Labelling: Bug-Report Form with Reproduction for Support Staff
    Making it easier for the Highlighter team to fix the bugs you have identified
  • Reporting: Inter-rater Sampling policy for Queue Creation (soft rollout)
    We are writing a whole blog post on this beauty. Stay tuned!
  • Export: Download JSON for Queues
  • Export: Download PascalVOC for Queue
  • General: 404 Page
    Check out how nice it is now!
  • General: About Page 
  • Accounts: Display Account Limit Quota
    Worried you are reaching your quota? Fear no more, keep track on the account limit quota on your dashboard!
  • Bug Fixes: Fix crash when class removed from project during queue review. 
Just get in touch with us if you are looking for any more information!

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