Happy HolidAIys

The most wonderful time of the year has really inspired a number of folks in the AI world. We have collected here a list of some of our favourite Holiday inspired AI creations from 2018. 

The team at Silverpond would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, safe and relaxing time over the holiday period.

AI Christmas Chef

Festive food and drink is one of the most important parts of Christmas. BBC Future investigated two recipe generating AI algorithms with a Christmas twist. 

With Forage they input common Christmas leftovers to generate new recipes with which to enjoy them. While we’re probably going to give toffee and spaghetti a miss the Turkey Croquettes sound pretty tasty. 

They also road tested the work by Lav Varshney and his team from University of Illinois where by AI gave recipes a twist from another cuisine. The Indian influenced Christmas pudding sounds delish. 

Hot Tip: Show this to the foodie loving relative that doesn’t quite understand AI 

The Indian Christmas Pudding (Image: Keisuke Matsushima)

AI writes a Hallmark Christmas Movie 

Keaton Patti the US writer and comedian has a bit of a habit of “forcing a bot” to watch a wide range of entertainment, that arguably does not need re-producing in any form. 

That said, the Hallmark Christmas Movie edition is pure gold! 

Hot tip: Don’t study the method, just enjoy the giggles 

(Image: Keaton Patti)

AI Generated Christmas Tunes

The clever peeps at Made By AI enjoy pushing creative boundaries with AI. While the tunes are one thing, we are particularly taken with the names … Peaches Twinkleleaves anyone?

Robot Reindeer

Boston Dynamics have really split the office with this one, with some finding this to be more “Nightmare Before Christmas” than “It’s a Wonderful Life” 

With the advances in autonomous vehicles, Santa may be able to take Christmas off in a few years… 

Hot tip: Be careful who you show this too unless you are up for a Singularity debate over the dinner table


Did we miss one? Comment below or visit us on twitter @SilverpondDev.

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