Women in Machine Learning: Deep Learning Workshop

At the start of this month we hosted the crowning event in our Women in Machine Learning program, the Deep Learning Workshop. If you are not already aware of this initiative, we decided to address the gender gap in Machine Learning by holding a Deep Learning workshop exclusively for women looking to break into the industry. Our friends at Qantas and Jetstar thought this was a good initiative too, and generously jumped on to sponsor the program.

In July we opened applications and received 68 submissions. Unfortunately, we didn’t have room for 68, so we selected 20 incredible female identifying future ML Specialist. In August we hosted a series of Python Office Hours, which allowed those whose Python needed a bit of help a regular check in with mentors to help them on their way.

Then finally, on the 5th and 6th September, we had the Deep Learning Workshop. Many of our awesome attendees had met one another at previous events or from meetups like PyLadies, so we had a great vibe in the room from the get go.

Day 1 followed the same format as our previous workshops, with a focus on learning the theory and doing small exercises. We were also lucky enough to have Susan Doniz, Qantas CIO and Natalie Ganderton, Qantas Emerging Tech Lead join us for afternoon tea. We have really appreciated the support of Qantas and Jetstar, and it was so wonderful to have Susan and Natalie come along and share some words of wisdom.

Day 2 meant group projects! The participants went into groups of 3-4 to work on a project generating emoji’s with autoencoders or object detection with VGG.


(Image @DataNerdery)

We really had an inspiring group of people forging the way for more diversity in tech. In the very near future, we will be publishing a blog on some of the people involved in the WiML program, talking about their ML Journey, the different applications they see or work with and how we can work towards making tech more inclusive.

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