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Last week I gave a short talk at Grimshaw’s weekly Friday meeting (thanks for having us!).

The slides for the talk are here: AI + Architecture.

Mostly I wanted to highlight:

(1) That Jane Jacob’s comment about cities:

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody”
Can also be modified to be about AI today:
AI has the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, it is are created by everybody”
As a result, I think it’s important to get more people involved in AI, and thinking about how it is applied.

(2) That there are cool things being done with regards to the design and layout of buildings and spaces. See the slides for the specific examples; they mostly center around learning about 3d space from 2d images, learning about how different images are related stylistically.

Aside from architecture, we looked at a few fun examples of deep learning, to spur other creative ideas.

(3) People are very interested in the area of Human + AI interaction; that it’s a very open field and going to wildly improve and change in the next few years. I give several examples of such interactions, including our own, and highlight that the combination of multiple AI systems is going to be a huge turning point in enhancing our creative ability.

I chatted to one person afterwards who was saying that she is already making use of the recommendations that her design program generates for her.

The talk finished with some ideas for new deep learning projects, inspired directly by the work of my favourite architect, Christopher Alexander.

If you’re keen to work with me on these, or any other projects, then get in touch!

Appendix: Architecture Jokes

Here are the Architecture jokes we came up with:

Q: Who did the dog get to design her new house?

A: The Barkitect

Q: Why did Gaudi need to go to a psychologist?

A: He had a lot of hang-ups!

Q: What do architects make great vegetarians?

A: Because they love lintels!

“I’m really happy to be here; I actually need some help, I’ve had a question about windows and glass that I’ve been meaning to ask for years, but I’ve never figured out how to frame it …”

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