We’ve been Busy!

One of the things we are keenly interested in here at Silverpond is educating the community on what AI, ML and Deep Learning is, how it is applied and potential impacts.

We have had a busy few weeks doing exactly that, here are some of the activities we have been up to.

Byte into It

Enthusiastic listeners of Melbourne’s own independent radio technology program, Noon and Susie were excited to be invited onto Byte Into It to chat about the Wildlife Protection Solutions (link) case study. Check it out here.

Applying Ai and Deep Learning for Enterprises

Jono flew up to Singapore to Chair and speak at Clariden’s (http://claridenglobal.com/conference/ai-deep-learning-enterprises-sg/) “Applying Ai and Deep Learning for Enterprises”

We Teach Me

We Teach Me run a Weekly Master’s Series on a range of different topics, allowing those in the field to share their knowledge, insights and experiences. We joined our friends IngeniousAI to chat about “Ai, all the latest developments”

Check out the podcast produced by written and recorded here.

NSW AI Summit

We had our first major event in Sydney at the NSW AI Summit. Leading a round-table on “How to Apply Deep Learning” we discussed with the challenges organisations face when adopting this technology

We were very excited to hear about the journey that other companies are taking in the machine-learning and AI space in NSW.


The imaginative folks at Cake Industries curated an event at MKW that put attendees in a hypothetical future environment where we dine alone and rely on robots to caller for our nutritional and social needs.

Jonathan and Susie attended and joined the panel where actual and future AI capability was discussed and how we as humans may be impacted. Just quietly, we’re hoping the robots get a few cooking lesson between now and then

MKW AI Fashion Designer

A longer post will come, but we had a ball with the RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles when we presented our AI Fashion Designer at the Hub for Melbourne Knowledge Week.

We had hundreds of creations created in collaboration with the AI Fashion Designer. Check out these designs been modeled by their human creators in AR.

Compose Call for Presentations

Silverpond are proud and excited to be sponsoring the third annual Compose :: Melbourne!

Compose is a conference for functional programmers, focused on technologies such as Haskell, Scala, Clojure, OCaml, F#, SML and others…

11th May saw the CFP launch at Loop bar.

You can apply to speak at Compose :: Melbourne here!

YOW! Data

Noon went along to YOW! Data last week and hosted our 2 day Deep Learning Workshop for the first time in Sydney.

A testimonial from one of our attendees:

The workshop was invaluable in gaining a hands on experience with building Deep Learning Networks, especially with an instructor who was very knowledgeable with the subject matter.

More details coming soon!

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