Treat Mum to an AI filled Mother’s Day at Melbourne Knowledge Week!

Note: This event has concluded, but you can still read about the details here!

Flowers are a sign of the past! Show your mother you love her by bringing her along to AI Fashion Designer event, all day, at The Hub at Melbourne Knowledge Week on Mothers Day, Sunday the 13th of May!


We are super excited to be showcasing our work, The AI Fashion Designer, alongside RMIT’s School of Fashion. You may remember this tool from previous blog posts such as:

  • Silverpond goes to Fashion School (and other Public Demos)
  • Seeking collaboration with fashion brands!
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We’ve since been working hard on the piece, improving the user interface and finding more ways to communicate the ideas clearly and build an interface that people can collaborate with intuitively, without needing to know a lot of the technical background.

On the day you will learn, and get a feel for, important topics in machine learnings such as: generative networks,embeddings, and style transfer! You will work collaboratively with a collection of AI technology to find interesting fashion shapes, and style them up based on famous artworks!

Once you’ve created your AI fashion masterpiece, get ready to play model and digitally “wear” your creation to share with your friends! On instagram, the post tagged with @silverpond_ml and the most likes will receive a very special Silverpond MKW prize! We’ll be in contact to get your details to send it to you!

Susie and Jonathan are also excited to be joining the panel of Singularity: An Automated Solo Dining Experience.

“Singularity gives a glimpes of a future where AI provides for all your nutritional and emotional needs. From the security and privacy of your booth, a mobile food distribution automat will wait on you to nourish and entertain.”

The Melbourne Knowledge Week program is jam-packed with a ton of interesting events and exhibitions. You can check out the program here. Our picks:

Hope to see you there! Vogue!

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