International Women’s Day Part 1

So it is international Women’s Day again and there is whole lot to celebrate. The last 12 months has been exciting for women in ICT across the globe BUT we are still seeing huge gender disparity especially in MLAI. So we wanted to do two things- announce our own initiative to combat the gender gap. We also want to take some time today to recognise some incredible women working in MLAI.

Women in Machine Learning: Deep Learning Workshops

Results from the recent Victorian MLAI Ecosystem survey show that only 11.4% of the responders were women. This is something we are committed to changing. In August we are running a Deep Learning Workshop exclusively for women. The chosen ladies will, in addition to 2 day workshop, be introduced to a host of support initiatives to address the barriers to women entering Machine Learning.

Victorian MLAI Ecosystem Gender Proportions (166 responses)


We are currently running one of our 2 day Deep Learning Workshops. 4 of our 12 attendees identify as women, and totalling 30% or the class. We are always excited to share our skills and knowledge with the community through the workshops, but we are particularly happy to have a stronger show of females in the class. Given the work they have already achieved, we are quite excited to see what they do with a Deep Learning skill set to boot.

Sara and Gala at the Silverpond Deep Learning Workshop


Want to join us?

Things are always better with friends, and we are looking for partners who are also passionate about bridging the gender divide in MLAI. Reach out and Susie will pass on the prospectus.

Alternatively if you are or know a talend female identifying data scientist or programmer that is interested in venturing in the Deep Learning

Express your interest here!

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