International Women’s Day Part 2

We want to take a minute to celebrate the exceptional work of Women in Machine Learning both in Australia and around the world. Be prepared, we have supplied linkes so you could decent on a real rabbit hole adventure reading up on their epic work

Dr Ayanna MacCalla Howard

Dr Howard is founder and CTO of Zyrobotics a company that develops assistive and educational products based on robotic and AI technology. She also spend nearly 12 years with Nasa in the Jet Propulsion Lab, working with robots for the Mars Technology program. And in one of the coolest projects ever she was project lead on SnoMotes, autonomous vehicles that can navigate and withstand the challenging conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic. Enabled with AI, they will help scientist track the effects of climate change by accessing locations inaccessible to humans.

(Image: Georgia Institute of Technology)

Professor Mary-Anne Williams

Prof Williams is Roboticist at UTS here in Australia. As Director of UTS’s Magic Labs she leads a team developing robots that can collaborate with humans.

Fei-Fei Li

Dr LI is Director of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL). In addition to her work at Stanford she is also Chief Scientist for ML/AI at Google Cloud.

(Image: TED)

Tabitha Goldstaub

Co founder of CognitionX Tabitha founded of CognitionX, a marketplace where businesses can develop their a AI understanding and capability. She has also written this great post about why we need women in AI.

(Image: CognitionX)

Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr Wallace is founder & CEO of ASX listed FlamingoAI- creators of ROSIE and MAGGIE, virtual Sales and Service Assistants.

Interesting Women in ML/AI

[Kate Devlin]( [@drkatedevlin](

Catherine Havasi @catherinehavasi 

Daphne Koller @DaphneKoller 

Deborah McGuinness @dlmcguinness 

Corinna Cortes

Lise Getoor

Rada Mihalcea

Katia Sycara

Margaret Boden

Carla Gomes

Barbara J. Grosz

Ellen Hildreth

Leslie P. Kaelbling

Radhika Nagpal

Groups supporting women in Tech

There are also plethora of great organisationations, meetups an initiatives here in melbourne. Some are general tech, others focus on a specialisation. All are doing amazing things to support and encourage women in tech.


R Ladies

Vic ICT 4 Women

Code like a Girl

Girl Geek Academy

Girls in Tech

Ladies that UX Melbourne

Lesbians who Tech

Rails Girls

RMIT Switch

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