Photos from the Deep-Learning Workshop

We had almost 25 attendees for this weeks workshop, making for a buzzing atmosphere in the office as a room full of students went from an introduction of foundational principles to building their own projects by the end of day two.

We use Tensorflow-playground as a focus-point for an overview of deep-learning concepts. This is very helpful in rapidly and interactively covering a large number of ideas in a tactile way:


This time around we tried a new layout for the office to comfortably accommodate the attendees. It worked quite well, with the content being visible by all and enough space to move in and out, with the desks being brought together on the second day for group-project work. That being said, for next-year’s workshops we’re considering running at an external venue.


Our next workshop is scheduled for March in 2018!

Find out more on our workshops page.

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