Reasons Why Your Boss Will Want To Send You On The Deep Learning Workshop

You want to do the Deep Learning Workshop, you can see how it can impact on your role and bring value to your company, but you aren’t quite sure how to pitch it to the boss? We have some pretty good reasons we think you can take to them to convince them!

1. ML/ AI/ Deep Learning is coming

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are becoming the new buzzwords in the business world. Many companies are starting to implement an AI solution to age old problems, seeing that the technology can improve processes, reduce costs and free up resources to reallocated to more effective areas.

2. Real skills that have immediate application

You will develop real skills in the workshop that can immediately be applied in the workshop. You will also be working on a group project in day two, which gives the opportunity to directly apply the skills covered in day one, while having experts on hand for troubleshooting. The projects cover practical skills that we, in our deep learning consulting projects, use every day!

3. Industry Contacts

The workshop is hosted and run by Silverpond, who have a deep learning branch to their consulting repertoire. Consequently, your instructors have been working on real world applications of deep learning for businesses. They understand and promote the perspective that comes from this. Your fellow attendees will also come from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds, promoting interesting discussions and solutions.

4. Human-level intelligence deployed at scale

Given that deep-learning can enable machines to tackle previously intractable problems that required specialised human analysis, the major implication for a business is that this capability is now scalable. Buy more servers; predict and classify more, faster. Your ability to scale up operations can now be planned in terms of minutes as opposed to the months required for recruitment / training. (We’ve written in more depth about this here Deep-Earning ….)

4. Make it your own

It is an exciting time in the Deep learning space. We are in the pioneering stage, just beginning to understand the extend of the applications it can be applied to. More than anything, this means the options are limitless for you to take what you have learnt and adapt it to your own company.

5. Early Bird Discount

There is an early bird discount available until 6th November. Check it out here.

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