The Pond on Spacely

For over a year now, Silverpond have run a co-working space downstairs called “The Pond”. We’ve finally listed the space on REA’s Spacely site that lists Co-Working spaces. This has been in the works for a while, so we’re glad that thanks to Susie’s hard work The Pond is now getting promoted more widely!

Spacely lists its purpose as:

We’re all about connecting Australians with compatible spaces. Spaces as unique as your last pitch, or as polished as your venture capitalist’s coupe. We’re for linking people with like-minded communities and encouraging shared experiences. Whether you’re starting up, branching out, or gearing up for growth – we’ll help you find the people and places to inspire your next chapter of success.
This sounds like a good fit for us since our idea for The Pond was to help connect the data-science and AI community and encourage them to collaborate. We’re looking forward to seeing who connects with us after featuring our space on Spacely!

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