Silverpond’s Diversity Report

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Over the last few months here at Silverpond we’ve been working around various efforts to bring more women into our industry (machine learning and software eingeering) and in particular onto the Silverpond team. While the overall scope of this “diversity” push could be quite large, we’re focusing on this one specific aspect first, partly because it affects us, people we know and love, and because it seems to us to be a reasonable first step to building a more inclusive community in general.

In order to track how much progress we’re going to make in this area over the next year, it’s important to have a baseline to compare to, so this post is an attempt to write down some simple statistics that we, here at Silverpond, have at the moment, document our actions so far, and begin the planning process for what we’ll do into the future.

So let’s look at how things stand right now.

Basic Statistics

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Employee Breakdown Women Men
Overall 21% 79%
Technical Roles
(Machine Learning, Engineering)
0% 100%
Workshop Attendees Women Men
Deep Learning Workshop 18% 82%


And indeed, the number of women in technical roles (and overall!) is the key number that we are trying to improve over the coming months.

Checklist (from Diverse City Careers)

Workplace Initiative Yes/No
Flexible work arrangements
Employer is a Pay Equity Ambassador N/A
Paid Parental Leave for primary carers As per Fair Work Act
Paid Parental Leave for secondary carers As per Fair Work Act
Opportunities to purchase leave
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program
Breastfeeding rooms
Leadership development programs N/A
Mentoring opportunities
Coaching programs
Targets to raise the number of women in leadership N/A
Domestic and Family Violence policy Flexible to special circumstances.
Programs for parents returning to work after Parental Leave
Paid volunteer days
Internal Women’s networking groups N/A
Employee engagement scores year on year

Community Activity

We’ve taken the following actions in the community:

  • Seeing what other people are up to: Diverse City Careers, Project Include, Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women, MCC Report – Repesentation of Women in Leadership, Airbnb – Starting with ourselves, Atlassian – State Of Diversity,
  • Diversifying the Pond – Opened up our co-working space to women in tech for free,
  • Supported PyLadies with a venue for the meetup, and
  • Started attending women-focused events (Ladies That UX, Women In Data Science, Hidden Figures Screening, among others) in order to meet more people in the community, and look for potential co-workers, and
  • Begun taking on interns to support new-comers and career-changers.

Plan for the next little while

  • Establish, and achieve, some reasonable goals on hiring,
  • Do more networking and expand our personal networks of people we can work with,
  • Build and support the community with events and opportunities,
  • Get better at measuring progress (this is a good read along these lines.)


We’re excited to make a change here!

We’re very action-focused, so if you are passionate about this too, and you want to get involved and help make some progress in this area, then we’d love to hear from you, so please email me:

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