Inaugural Deep-Learning Show & Tell!


Silverpond ran its first deep-learning show-and-tell session on Tuesday this week. We’ve run three deep-learning workshops to date, and we extended an invitation to people who had attended any of these previous events.

We had 3 full-talks and 2 lightning-talks at this event with lots of discussion in post-talk Q&A and post-event socialising:

  • Talk: “Image Classification with Deep Learning” – Drop-out; Tune-in!
  • Talk: “Adjustable Readers” – Writing stories with AI.
  • Talk: “Single Shot Multibox” – Fast and accurate non-RCNN object-location.
  • Lightning Talk: “Ship Learning” – Inferring ship-safety with deep-learning.
  • Lightning Talk: “AI Retirement Plan” – Can we address AI-driven redundancy?

We feel that it is important to put what’s learned at our workshops into practice. This is why we run the show-and-tell sessions – to provide a further incentive to take steps towards using deep-learning professionally day-to-day.

If you’re interested in learning about deep-learning, then consider attending one of Silverpond’s upcoming deep-learning workshops.

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