Deep-Learning Workshop Review

Our first deep-learning workshop was a long time coming. We ran several previews as well as spending a great deal of time developing and refining the workshop content. But as they say, “No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy.”

… Or friends in this case!

Our attendees came from all walks; students, professionals, experienced data-scientists in industry and newcomers to the concepts involved. All were eager to discover more about deep-learning and ways to apply it in their day-to-day work.

We got off to a great start, working through preliminary materials giving background knowledge of the concepts involved and establishing the pattern of introduction, then interactive experimentation with the ideas.

As we moved on we began exploring more advanced concepts such as embedding and representation learning via interaction with the recently open-sourced DeepScite project.


We received great feedback from attendees, one piece of which was the desire to spend more time on the content and exercises. In response to this, we’re extending the duration of our next workshop. Instead of four hours, we’ll be running the workshop for 7 hours, including one hour for lunch to give everyone ample time to exchange deep learning inspiration.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to polish the flow of the content to ensure that all the concepts covered tie seamlessly into each other over the course of the day.

We wrapped up the workshop with a call-to-action, asking our attendees to apply the concepts learned to personal or professional projects and return for a show-and-tell session in the near-future. We’d love to see that the knowledge imparted is more than just a curiosity and has a real impact for the attendees!

Our next workshop is running in November, so come along and join our new full-day Deep Learning Workshop!

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