The Silverpond Team


Adel Foda

Computational Linguist, Data Science

From images and video to audio and text, Adel does deep learning of all sorts and has a particular interest in getting machines to talk the talk.

Andy Gelme

Hacker at Large

Andy is a hacker extraordinaire. No hard or software presents an impossible challenge. He is involved in many aspects of the wider technology community and is bringing his wealth of experience to Machine Learning as a member of the Silverpond team. Andy is one of the founders of Melbourne’s Hackerspace. He loves self driving cars and he has been heavily involved in the space’s workshops for people to build their own to scale self driving vehicles.

Chris Bird

Python, Ruby, Inventor

Chris spent 6 years working in renewable energy and smart grid industry as an electrical engineer. He recently changed tack and decided software land is where it’s at. Chris is interested in applying software and data analytics to new applications.

Daniel Suess

Python, Deep Learning, Quantum Physics

Daniel likes to keep a sense of mystery about himself. He has dreams of one day starting a Python tips newsletter! One day soon he will add more detail to this bio!

Henry Shang

Dynamic Journeyman

At some point all college students must embark on their career. Henry has just begun this journey at Silverpond. He is a dynamic boy who loves piano music and travelling. He is doing his bachelor degree in accounting and finance and really wants to put his skills and knowledge into practice! Henry helps manage daily operations for Silverpond as an operating assistant. Henry always says, “never stop learning from everyone”!

Joshua Patterson

Robot-Man, Data-Devil

Josh took a roundabout route bartending and engineering before deciding to pursue his love for robotics. Now in his Bachelor of Robotics and Mechatronics at Swinburne University, he wrapped up a three month machine learning internship with the team here at Silverpond and has now joined the team for the long haul!

Jonathan Chang

Managing Director, Glorious Leader

He’s the go-to guy when it comes to initiating a project and fleshing out those broad-brush briefs into superlative software.

Kirill Radzikhovskyy

Imagineer, FreeBSD, Go, Rust, C, Python

Born in the Ukraine and raised on the C programming language, Kirill is a fierce advocate against everything except FreeBSD and all things open source.

Lyndon Maydwell

Haskeller, Musician

Lyndon can code his way out of a wet paper bag, and has done so in the past. A polyglot from Perth, he is knee-deep in FP with a background in OO.

Maria the Robot

Dancer, Machine Learner

Maria the Nao robot joined the team in November to replace Chip. She’s currently working on a deep-dance routine and asked santa for a backpack for christmas.

Martin Ingram

AI-Athlete, Neural-Engineer

Data scientist passionate about good code and gaining insights from data with a particular interest in sports analytics. Recently moved from London to Melbourne and excited to be working as a Data Scientist for Silverpond.

Matt Ellis

Material Design Machine

Matt is a web wizard with crazy productivity. He’s been a huge part of many of Silverpond’s efforts over the last year and has loved upskilling the team in various new frontend technologies.

Noon van der Silk

Functional Programming, Machine Learning, Excitable

A maths master and quantum-computing connoisseur, Noon loves learning new things and talking to people. He dreams of being in a hip-hop dance crew and can break out a mean entanglement ‘n’ superposition move on the way to lunch.

Ruth Pearson

Circus Statistician, Machine Learning Engineer

Ruth has a (cosmic microwave) background in cosmology, as well as a love of cats. Programming since the dawn of the early universe, Ruth brings an uncharacteristically inhomogeneous set of skills to Silverpond. She is interested in using AI for human and veterinary medicine.

Susan Sheldrick

VR Vigilante, Frighteningly Organised

Susie has a Masters in Entrepreneurship and has a keen interest in Human Centred design and how this is applied to technology and entrepreneurial ventures. She is an organiser of the ML&AI Meetups and enjoys connecting people across the industry.

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