The Silverpond Team

Adel Foda

Computational Linguist, Data Science

From images and video to audio and text, Adel does deep learning of all sorts and has a particular interest in getting machines to talk the talk.

Alice Coulson

The Pond Studio Manager, Community Engagement

Techhead-herder for the The Pond co-working space, Alice is our community cultivator hailing from the land of media, communications and community radio. She has painted every inch of the building and has subsequently hung up her paintbrush for good.

Andy Carson

Design, Frontend Development, Prototyping

Rumour has it that Andy, a former chef turned designer, was hired based purely on his insider knowledge of the Melbourne foodie scene.

Andy Kitchen

Technopath, Functional Programming, Data Science

Andy has been living and breathing computers since he first programmed in Scheme with his Melbourne Uni Computer Vision lecturer father at age six.

Chris Bird

Python, Ruby, Inventor

Chris spent 6 years working in renewable energy and smart grid industry as an electrical engineer. He recently changed tack and decided software land is where it’s at. Chris is interested in applying software and data analytics to new applications.

Jonathan Chang

Managing Director

He’s the go-to guy when it comes to initiating a project and fleshing out those broad-brush briefs into superlative software.

Kirill Radzikhovskyy

Imagineer, FreeBSD, Go, Rust, C, Python

Born in the Ukraine and raised on the C programming language, Kirill is a fierce advocate against everything except FreeBSD and all things open source.

Logan Campbell

Planeswalker, Functional Programming, Clojure

When all the other kids were playing snake on their graphics calculators, Logan was busy writing programs for his.

Lyndon Maydwell

Coder, Haskeller, Musician

Lyndon can code his way out of a wet paper bag, and has done so in the past. A polyglot from Perth, he is knee-deep in FP with a background in OO.

Martin Ingram

AI-Athlete, Neural-Engineer

Data scientist passionate about good code and gaining insights from data with a particular interest in sports analytics. Recently moved from London to Melbourne and excited to be working as a Data Scientist for Silverpond.

Noon van der Silk

Functional Programming, Machine Learning, Excitable

A maths master and quantum-computing connoisseur, Noon loves learning new things and talking to people. He dreams of being in a hip-hop dance crew and can break out a mean entanglement ‘n’ superposition move on the way to lunch.

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Melbourne VIC, 3000

Enter from McKillop Street

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