Silverpond believes in not only immersing ourselves in cutting edge technologies and research but sharing this with others! To this end we believe it’s crucial to share knowledge with the community and we host and sponsor many events and endeavours within the industry. We also have our very own coworking space, The Pond [link]. We have a thirst for learning and for sharing this with others!

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science… you might have heard these terms before. Machine Learning is [ask Adel to provide a short description] and [why Silverpond thinks it’s the future].

Silverpond is excited to support, a newly forming industry body aimed at supporting and promoting AI linkages in Melbourne, formed on the initiative of a few Silverpond team members.

If you are an AI practitioner, researcher or business interested in being part of, get in touch at! You can be added to the mailing list and advised of developments.

AI Accelerator

There is an exciting opportunity in Melbourne to build Australia’s first AI Focused Accelerator, “The Pond”. Here at Silverpond we are right behind the idea and are currently seeking funding to make this happen! Innovators in an intensive 3­6 month program will work with AI experts­-in-residence to create ground breaking technology that impacts the world. Our mentors, networks and demo-­day will launch startups onto the world stage and attract new foreign investment. Our startups will have access to Australia’s brightest mentors, a peerless machine learning team, sage university professors and specialised AI number­crunching hardware – all focused in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. The critical mass of AI skills will create self-sustaining growth. The Pond will:

  • Lift Victoria onto the world stage;
  • Concentrate AI expertise, experience and energy;
  • Be a hub for innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, universities and the community;
  • Produce startups desirable for direct foreign investment;
  • Retain graduates in Australia with exciting opportunities; and
  • Accelerate cutting­-edge technology suitable for a global market

If you are an individual, startup, university partner or investor interested in seeing an AI Accelerator happen in Melbourne, get in touch!

Machine Learning/AI Events:

Deep Learning Workshops

WED 08 FEB 2017 10AM - 5PM

Venture into deep learning with this full-day introductory workshop that will take you from the mathematical and theoretical foundations to building models and neural networks in TensorFlow. You will apply as you learn, working on exercises throughout the workshop, and finally build your own classification model. The group will meet again in a few weeks for a “show and tell”, where attendees can share their deep learning developments.

This hands-on workshop is ideal for both data science and programming professionals, who are interested in learning the basics of deep learning and embarking on their first project.

(Past workshops September 2016, November 2016)

Deep Learning Show and Tell (Jan 2017)

Silverpond ran its first deep-learning show-and-tell session on Tuesday this week. We’ve run three deep-learning workshops to date, and we extended an invitation to people who had attended any of these previous events.

MLAI Meetup

MLAI Meetup group meets to discuss applications and algorithms related to machine learning and AI. Run by ML guru Andy Kitchen, the group meets up monthly at The Pond

Hang out and Hack!

A casual monthly hack event where those with an interest in Machine Learning/AI can come work in our space with likeminded folk. Bring your computers and let’s hang out and work on projects together!

Deep Learning Reading Group

We also run a weekly deep-learning reading group on Friday afternoons focused around the Deep-Learning Book by Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville.

ML Reading Group - Quantum Gradient-Descent

Silverpond runs a weekly deep-learning reading group on Friday afternoons. This is a university-style reading group consisting of a round table discussion of an interesting paper.

All welcome, Fridays 3-5pm, Level 2/382 Little Collins St (entry via McKillop St).

Machine Learning Intern

Ben Phillips joins Silverpond as our Machine Learning Intern for three months over summer. We are excited to welcome Ben to the team and have him assist with our object detection projects!

Silverpond took part in the Data-Science-Melbourne Data-Science Internship Evening where more than 10 companies pitched to a group of over 500 interns about the opportunity to come and work with them as part of an internship program facilitated by the new internship startup PrevYou.

Machine Learning Unconference (Dec 2016)

Silverpond recently organised and hosted the Machine Learning Unconference intended to gather Melbourne’s leaders and practitioners of AI and machine learning in order to discuss their pain-points and what might be in store for the future. The event spanned a day in the unconference format and ended with a panel discussion, summarising the topics covered and disseminating the ideas from each track to the entire audience.

An Evening of Deep Learning (June 2016)

This networking event was held in June 2016, with deep-learning talks from industry and researchers. Speakers included Adel Foda - Data Scientist, Silverpond; Jon Barker - Solution Architect, NVIDIA USA; Martin Ingram - Independent Researcher with a particular interest in sports analytics (now a Data Scientist, Silverpond); Dr Jarrel Seah - Research Associate, co-founder Stat Innovations and winner of the 2014 Microsoft Imagine Cup for the Stat Innovation product Eyenaemia.

Programming and Other Events

Silverpond is also involved in the following ongoing and past events:

Haskell Meetup

MHUG (Melbourne Haskell User Group) is a meetup group for people interested in the Haskell programming language. MHUG provides a space for haskernauts of any skill level to hack, learn and share their experiences in using Haskell.

MHUG runs on the last Thursday of every month at The Pond,
Level 2/382 Little Collins St (entry via McKillop St).

Melbourne Functional Meetup

MFUG (Melbourne Functional User Group) is a group of people interested in functional programming. This ranges from academic discussions around type systems right through to demonstrations of software developed using practical functional languages. Meetups usually have two or three talks and some pizzas before heading out to a local pub for some drinks and more conversation.

Melbourne Clojure Users Meetup

Clj-Melb is the Melbourne Clojure Users group. The Pond hosts Clj-Melb on the second Thursday of every month at The Pond Level 2, 382 Little Collins St (entry via McKillop St).

Melbourne Maths and Science Meetup

Melbourne Maths and Science Meetup is a monthly event where anyone is invited to talk on a topic of maths or science that may be of interest to them. You may be a researcher and feel like telling other people about what you do; or you may be a computer scientist and want to share some cool programming techniques or computational approaches. Melbourne Maths and Science is interested in anything relating to science and maths, and technical talks are encouraged!

Compose:: Melbourne Conference (2016)

Compose started in 2015 in New York. The inaugural Compose:: Melbourne Conference was held in August 2016 at RMIT. Silverpond team members instigated the Melbourne conference and Silverpond provided strong support and sponsorship.

Melbourne Haskell Workshop (2013)

This workshop was run in September 2013 by a group involving two of our team members.

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