Our favourite books on the Silverpond Bookshelf.

The Deep Learning Book

Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville

Last Friday, the Deep-Learning Reading-Group who meet at Silverpond weekly to present and discuss chapters from papers and publications reached the end our our deep-dive into “The Deep-Learning Book” by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville. The journey has taken us 6 months and seemed like an ambitious commitment when it was first proposed, but has been an invaluable introduction to the subject of deep-learning for myself, and I’m sure, a few others who have attended as well.

- Lyndon Maydwell

The Garbage Collection Handbook

Richard Jones

Guest reviewer Paul Bone presents a few thoughts on Richard Jones’s “The Garbage Collection Handbook”:

There are a number of topics within computer science that many developers regard as “magical”, thinking “oh, I could never implement that, or understand that”. There are also topics that seem to attract a lot of misinformation. Garbage collection is both of these and Richard Jones’ Garbage Collection Handbook is the solution.

This is the first text book I have ever read (almost) cover-to-cover, I found the topic fascinating and the book explained it well, starting with simple algorithms and building up to descriptions of many state-of-the-art collectors. Jones also maintains online resources and a bibliography of garbage collection related information.

- Paul Bone (Guest)

Real World Haskell

Bryan O’Sullivan, Don Stewart, and John Goerzen

Although these days Real-World-Haskell doesn’t make the top-list of recommended Haskell resources, when it first came out it was a huge event as it indicated for the first time to many that Haskell was able to be used for more than just academic purposes… And showed you how!

- Lyndon Maydwell

Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design

Richard Bird

Whenever somebody asks me what my all-time favourite programming books are, I’m sure to include Richard Bird’s “Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design” near the top of the list.

- Lyndon Maydwell

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