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Compose :: Melbourne 2018 Call for Presentations Launch Party!

Compose :: Melbourne is Running again in 2018!

(Do you like (FUNCTIONAL programming))?

Do you like math?

Most importantly do you like beer (or other beverage)?

Compose Melbourne is a Functional Programming Conference holding it's THIRD!!! event in August 2018 in the Melbourne CBD.

Our conference is focused on growing the functional programming community in Melbourne by providing accessable and inclusive events and education.

We're launching our Call For Presentations at Loop Bar in the City on Friday 11th of May and you are very welcome to come along and meet some of our potential presenters and attendees.

We'll be launching the Call for Presentations at this event along with more Compose :: Melbourne conference details!!!!!!


Model Interpretability with Occlusion Mapping - 'An AI Tells us What it Knows When We Poke it in the Eye'

Machine learning underpins technology solutions of ever greater consequence to society and Model Interpretability is seen as increasingly important and necessary by regulatory bodies, academia and technology businesses in the market-place. Model Interpretability is the burgeoning field of inquiry that seeks to understand and explain the inherent mechanisms in artificial intelligence systems in particular deep learning models and why they make the decisions that they do.


Logody - Docker-Compose for Regular Programs

For a fun Friday afternoon’s hacking, I’ve put together a small program to bring the experience of Docker-Compose to regular programs!


Everyday Embeddings

If you’ve ever spent any time around someone interested in deep learning or machine learning, one day they’ll say the word embeddings.

Generally, what we mean by an embedding is a mapping between two objects that preserves the structure.

Typically we dive into technical definitions of embeddings, but I thought here I’d give a few examples of everyday embeddings: these are ones that you will be familiar with and use regularly. By thinking of them, you will gain intuition into how embeddings work.

A few everyday embeddings

Example 1

Food -> A bite of that food


Catching Wildlife Poachers with Machine Learning

Recently, WPS partnered with Silverpond to implement a solution to automate the detection of illegal poaching in wildlife conservation parks across three continents. Using Silverpond’s cloud-based machine learning technology ‘Silverbrane’, WPS has been able to successfully automate the detection of illegal poaching activity. This has helped the organisation increase efficiencies in their ongoing quest to end wildlife poaching.


International Women’s Day Part 2

We want to take a minute to celebrate the exceptional work of Women in Machine Learning both in Australia and around the world. Be prepared, we have supplied linkes so you could decent on a real rabbit hole adventure reading up on their epic work


International Women’s Day Part 1

So it is international Women’s Day again and there is whole lot to celebrate. The last 12 months has been exciting for women in ICT across the globe BUT we are still seeing huge gender disparity especially in MLAI. So we wanted to do two things- announce our own initiative to combat the gender gap. We also want to take some time today to recognise some incredible women working in MLAI.

Women in Machine Learning: Deep Learning Workshops


Seeking collaboration with fashion brands!

We’re keen to partner up with fashion designers/brands to produce a small collection of clothes for an upcoming installation at a big To-Be-Announced Melbourne event. Get in touch with me: or read on for more details!

For a while now we’ve been playing around at the intersection of AI and Fashion …

  • We’ve experimented with dance t-shirts:

  • We’ve played around with CPPNs to produce cool patterns:


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