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Experience: Deep Learning Workshop by Silverpond - Abhi Gupta

Image Created by Abhi Gupta

Abhi Gupta, a UniMelb Master’s of IT student and Cyber Security enthusiast was one of our Scholarship recipients for the December Deep Learning Workshop.

What really got our attention was Abhi’s work with ResPlats, where he teaches and assists with Python Workshops. ResPlats helps researchers utilise tools to assist with their research and helping them learn Python means they are better able to manipulate their quantitative research data and make sense of it. Abhi also volunteers with Robogals, engaging young children with robotics kits to spark an interest in STEM.

Abhi writes:

I had the privilege of attending a Deep Learning workshop by Silverpond a week ago, courtesy of their scholarship. It was a 2-day event held at their CBD office in Melbourne, taught by their in-house specialists: Noon and Lyndon. The casual teaching environment coupled with a friendly bunch of attendees made the affair an enjoyable one in multiple ways. Below, I present a recap of my learning experience.


Galois: 2017 Highlights

2017 brought continued growth in concern about the trustworthiness of computing systems. The breadth of our work at Galois has grown correspondingly. We opened a third office in Dayton, Ohio, grew past 70 employees, and continue to actively hire. We are grateful to our partners and clients that have helped us successfully develop the projects and intellectual contributions highlighted below. We’re excited to continue the effort with you in 2018.


Merry Christmas from the Silverpond Team

2017 has been a fascinating year for AI.

The stand-out moment has been AlphaGo Zero (The world leading Go AI) beating Stockfish (The previous world-leading chess engine) after only four hours of self-play. As the pace of expanding AI capabilities increases we will see the need for tooling in this space maturing to democratise the technology for practitioners and end users.

Santa isn't sure what to make of Maria the Nao Robot.


CitiPower/Powercor Case-Study Published

Silverpond was engaged by CitiPower/Powercor to help make sense of the data generated by their 1.2 million smart meters. Our engagement began with exploratory data science use-cases and developed into an intelligent, scalable fault detection platform that advises safety engineers of priority sites for inspection.


Photos from the Deep-Learning Workshop

We had almost 25 attendees for this weeks workshop, making for a buzzing atmosphere in the office as a room full of students went from an introduction of foundational principles to building their own projects by the end of day two.


Code Like a Girl Have Launched an Internship Initiative

As a Code Like a Girl Intern you'll get paid to gain real-world experience with some of our leading industry partners, and receive mentorship from our team of industry professionals.
Our friends at Code Like a Girl have launched an internship initiative to help introduce emerging female technologists to the Australian industry.


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