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Style Transfer on the Jetson TX1

Video style transfer in real time on the Jetson TX1

Webcam feed run through fast-neural-style-transfer on the Jetson TX1.


Realistic Face Rotation


Natural Programming


5th ACM SIGPLAN FARM Workshop - Oxford, UK, 9th September 2017


Flexible Deep Learning Learning – April Workshop!

Deep Learning Workshop

Interested in theory, a practical day or both? Join our Deep Learning workshop coming up on 12 & 19 April, and pick a day to suit your needs.

Completely new to machine learning and deep learning? Join Day 1 to get solid foundational knowledge.

Want a chance to exercise your deep learning muscles? Our hands-on Day 2 will focus only on independent model building.

Join us for both days to get the full potency of our deep learning coaching.

Visit our workshops page for more details and registration.


Announcing Melbourne Creative AI Meetup!


Silverpond's Diversity Report

The Programming Party, based on artwork by Judy Chicago, and a photo by fdecomite - The Dinner Party.


Over the last few months here at Silverpond we’ve been working around various efforts to bring more women into our industry (machine learning and software eingeering) and in particular onto the Silverpond team. While the overall scope of this “diversity” push could be quite large, we’re focusing on this one specific aspect first, partly because it affects us, people we know and love, and because it seems to us to be a reasonable first step to building a more inclusive community in general.

In order to track how much progress we’re going to make in this area over the next year, it’s important to have a baseline to compare to, so this post is an attempt to write down some simple statistics that we, here at Silverpond, have at the moment, document our actions so far, and begin the planning process for what we’ll do into the future.

So let’s look at how things stand right now.


Silverpond's inaugural intern Ben Phillips

Silverpond intern Ben Phillips at The Pond front door

In November 2016 Silverpond decided to offer its very first Machine Learning internship. Out of a pool of very high calibre candidates we landed on Ben Phillips, and by December we had welcomed him to home base at The Pond in Little Collins Street, as our first intern. Ben has been a calm, positive and constantly friendly face around the office and we have really appreciated what he has brought to the team, as well as his help with setup for Meetups and events, and his classic Dad jokes. After three months Ben is off out into the world, and I sat down with Ben to reflect back on what he had learned during his time at Silverpond.


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