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QML+ 2018 - Day 1

Well, we made it to Innsbruck, Austria!

It was a huge journey to get here, and I have to tell you, Austria in general, and Innsbruck in particular, is absolutely beautiful.

On the train ride from Vienna to Salzburg, we spent most of the time looking out of the window taking photos. The weather is amazing; it’s perfectly warm and sunny, and it’s amazing to walk around the town and just see mountains everywhere.

But, I’m here, of course, on business, and in particular, primarily to attend the QML+ – Quantum Machine Learning … Plus – conference.

It’s the night of Day 1, so here’s a review of what happened:


September Community Events!

Woah, September is sure looking like a busy month! Here are the events that are on our radar.

Some interesting events to look out for are…


Silverpond x IFAB x RMIT Activatory, during Melbourne Fashion Week!

We’re taking the AI Fashion Space Explorer for another run with the public at a side-event as part of Melbourne Fashion Week.

It’ll be a free, short event, 3pm-5.30pm, on Tuesday the 4th of September. So come down if you’re keen to see some crazy uses of generative AI to design clothes!

Details/tickets are here:


Humans 2.0

Image: Adrienne Bizzarri

Working in the space we do, means a lot of talk about the future. People in our field are not just thinking about the future in terms of the next few years, but looking decades ahead.


Silverpond at National Science Week!

Just a quick note that we’d love to see you drop by our booth at National Science Week! The event is Humans 2.0, and our booth should look somewhat like this:

As well as the Booth, Susie will be giving a talk!


My Work Experience, Experience.

Hello! My name is Tom, for the last week I have been working at Silverpond as a work experience initiative. This post describes a high school students outlook on programming and machine learning. Please enjoy!


Of code and cats ....

“You might as well apply, worst comes to worst they say no….” is what I told myself over 2 months ago when I was heading into a meeting to discuss the possibility of an internship at Silverpond. Many hours of coding (and even longer debugging sessions) I am scheduling handover meetings and having a hard time saying goodbye to one of the most welcoming offices I have worked at.


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