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AI + Architecture

Last week I gave a short talk at Grimshaw’s weekly Friday meeting (thanks for having us!).

The slides for the talk are here: AI + Architecture.

Mostly I wanted to highlight:


Responsible AI

What do you feair?

“You work in AI?” says the person with a look of disbelief and slight repulsion, physically recoiling away as if I am a carrier of the of the “Robot Apocalypse “ pathogen. This is a standard reaction for me when meeting someone for the first time and explaining what I do.


Digital Threads 2: Service Design in Fashion

Digital disruption has evolved the world of fashion beyond the realms of Paris runways and glossy magazines. Today, Fashion Tech is an emerging industry that includes wearable devices, digital threads, and technology platforms.

Whether it’s through online purchasing in the supply chain, the manufacturing process with 3D printing, or auxiliary services such as virtual sizing, technology has evolved a businesses’ touch points with customers in the world of fashion.

To ensure that companies are able to create positive digital experiences, employing Service Design principles can help connect the customer, design, and manufacturing of a product more seamlessly.


Silverpond and Skand Reduce the Cost of Asset Inspection by 80%

Since November 2017 we have been working hard with fellow Melbourne based company Skand, to reduce the risks and cost associated with roof inspections by entering Silverbrane, our Machine Learning tool, into their inspection process.

Together the teams have achieved a world first - Training Machine’s on 3D models. The results have been phenomenal, reducing the cost of inspection by 80%.

We have written a case study, detailing the approach taken and the results produced. If you have any questions or would like to request a demo of Silverbrane, please contact the Silverpond team.


Dentsu Aegis Network Acquires Klip Desk

Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) today announces the acquisition of Klip Desk – a new technology business that is set to revolutionise the way live content is captured and measured across all digital media.
Due to launch in October is Klip Logic – a product that tracks and measures the true value and impact of brand sponsorship within digital highlights through its custom blend of machine learning and AI.


Questions and Answers from the Forward-Leading: Big Data and AI Summit

I attended the Big Data and AI Leaders summit in Sydney at the end of April. Rather than simply plan to observe and network, I tried to make sure that I asked one question per speaker. I didn’t quite manage to achieve this, but got quite close.

While I was at the summit, I wrote down a list of questions for each speaker as I thought of them during their presentation, then asked what I thought was the best of the lot during post-talk question time. Below I’ll include the question and answers that were deliver, as well as a full list of candidate questions as an appendix. In addition to this I’ll include some methodology for asking questions at similar events in general.


Humans Need Not Apply - Pongo Labs Live Poster

Jonathan from our team was on a panel at an American Chamber of Commerce event called Humans Need Not Apply: Empowerment In The Age of AI. Other panellists included Dee McGrath, Managing Director, IBM Global Business Services and Assoc. Prof. Tim Miller from University of Melbourne. Co-hosted by Shourov Bhattacharya of Pongo Labs, we covered topics such as ethics in AI, the impact of automation on society, and how we can educate ourselves to prepare for the changes ahead.


Responsible AI Foundation Panel and Fishbowl

This is our first public event and we welcome people from all interests to attend and partake. We want to find out and discuss what elements of AI that we as a community are concerned about and require an ethical framework to be developed


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