Seeking collaboration with fashion brands!

Mar 5, 2018   •   Noon van der Silk

We’re keen to partner up with fashion designers/brands to produce a small collection of clothes for an upcoming installation at a big To-Be-Announced Melbourne event. Get in touch with me: or read on for more details!

For a while now we’ve been playing around at the intersection of AI and Fashion …

  • We’ve experimented with dance t-shirts:

  • We’ve played around with CPPNs to produce cool patterns:

  • And most recently, we built an exploratory design tool focused on shapes and style (to be debuted soon!):

We’re interested in collaborating with people in two ways:

  • At our upcoming event, we’ll be showcasing the latter work at; we’re keen to partner with a brand to help us make protyope-clothes inspired by the AI designs!

  • Furthermore, we’re interested in collaborating with any brands that want to experiment with using a AI-based generative-design process to produce new clothes. In particular, exploring ways of including a data-driven generative design within the existing creative process, as we believe it yields a new means by which to explore and generate designs.

(Edit: 05-Jul-2018) I had put together a small presentation (that I forgot to upload!) that outlines the key ideas: AI + Human Fashion Design - The Fashion Space Explorer; the last section is a bit irrelevant now, but we’re still keen to hear from interested people!

If any of these projects sounds interesting to you, then let’s catch up and chat! You can email me at, or give me a call on 0413 461 843!

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