We're Hiring! Role: Data-Engineer

Jun 28, 2017   •   Lyndon Maydwell

Photo - Jack Holloway

Silverpond is looking to grow our team by hiring a data-engineer. We’re keen to grow their data-science capabilities by hiring a data-engineer to bridge the gap between data-science and infrastructure.

This will involve:

  • Evolving processes
  • Building initially effective, but flexible data-solutions
  • Iterating designs to make good data-engineering practices easier

The following skills are desirable, but not strictly required:

  • Dev-Ops capabilities (infrastructure automation)
  • Data-curation skills
  • Database design
  • Schema definition and enforcement
  • Data-pipleline engineering
  • Data-dependency analysis and resolution

We’d love to see opinions on tools and practices. Don’t be shy!

See our hiring page for further details and other roles we’re looking to fill!

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